Stacked-bridge-based three-level DAB converter in 800V dc micro-grids

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In this digest, a stacked-bridge-based dual-active-bridge (DAB) converter is proposed for bidirectional power transfer in 800-V dc bus applications. With the stacked bridge structure, the voltage stress of switches on the high-voltage side can be reduced by half. Therefore, MOSFETs with lower voltage ratings can be applied to high-voltage applications. Moreover, an asymmetric pulse-width modulation (APWM) plus phase shift modulation (PSM) hybrid modulation scheme is applied to realize a general voltage match. Awider zero-voltage-switching (ZVS) range can be achieved over a wide voltage range. To verify the concept, a 1-kW rated prototype is designed to link an 800V dc bus and a 100V-200V energy storage unit.

In Proc. IEEE Appl. Power Electron. Conf. Expo.
Liang Wang 王良
Liang Wang 王良
Ph.D candidate of Power Electronics

My research interests include point-of-load converter, resonant converter, power architecture of 48V bus data center and multi-port converter