H5-Bridge-Based Single-Input–Dual-Output LLC Converter With Wide Output Voltage Range

The proposed single-input dual-output LLC converter


In this article, a novel single-input–dual-output LLC converter is proposed for wide output voltage applications. An H5-bridge is utilized on the primary side and linked with two separate resonant tanks. By morphing the H5 bridge, the input of each resonant tank can be configured as either full-bridge, half-bridge, or idle. On the secondary-side, two semiactive rectifiers provide two control degrees of freedoms. The circuit operation is always tuned at the optimal resonant frequency and the output voltages are modulated by the secondary side pulsewidth. It exhibits good voltage regulation performance with two fully decoupled output ports. Both output ports can achieve wide voltage ranges. All MOSFETs can achieve zero voltage switching turning- on and all the diodes can achieve zero current switching turning- off over a wide output voltage and load ranges. To verify this concept, a 1.6-kW rated prototype is designed to convert 390-V input into two decoupled 100–400 V outputs. The designed prototype exhibits 97.72% peak efficiency and good decoupled voltage regulation performances. The experimental results agree well with the theoretical analysis.

IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics
Liang Wang 王良
Liang Wang 王良
Ph.D candidate of Power Electronics

My research interests include point-of-load converter, resonant converter, power architecture of 48V bus data center and multi-port converter